PBnDeb's Storybook Adventures

by PBnDeb

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Kickin' tunes for kids ages 7 and under!


released January 1, 2012



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PBnDeb Los Angeles, California

Deb Snyder and Philip Bynoe, as PBnDeb, use personal childhood experiences, vivid imagination and musical creativity to write original songs dealing with the everyday issues and joys of childhood.

PBnDeb want to sing some songs
Join our band and loudly sing along!
We mean loud LIKE THIS OK?
Let’s have a silly song filled day.
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Track Name: Edgar the Spider
My Name is Edgar.
I am a spider.
Everyone likes me,
Because I'm scary!

Every night,
There's a special delight,
The spider dance.
The spider dance.
In the moonlight,
You can see such a fright,
The spider dance.
Track Name: Tillie the Turtle
Tillie the Turtle decided to go,
For a ride in the ocean all the way to Buenos Aires.
In the center square she heard some pretty music,
Put a rose in her mouth and danced the tango.
Track Name: Play
Come kitty cat and play with me.
We'll scratch on the couch and climb a tree.
We'll catch a mouse and swat some bees,
When you come play with me.
Track Name: Broc the Croc
I'm Broc the rockin' crocodile.
Singing my songs on the river Nile.
Shaking up and down by the Pyramids.
Making crazy music for these desert kids.
Track Name: Fly
I want you to fly.
Just spread out your wings,
You can do anything,
If you try.
Go ahead and try.
You can do anything,
Just spread out your wings,
And fly!
Track Name: Monkey Says Ooh
Monkey said, Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh,
I want to sing with you, Ooh Ooh.
Monkey said, Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh,
I want to sing with you.
Track Name: Animal Party
All the animals in the zoo,
Were having a party singing woo hoo hoo.
The lion danced with the kangaroo,
At the animal party in the zoo.
Track Name: Laughing Singing Dancing Playing
Laughing Singing Dancing and Playing
We're gonna have some fun!
Laughing Singing Dancing and Playing
We're gonna have some fun.
Track Name: Storybook
Make believe you're a Princess who'll be Queen.
You're a Mouse who fears a Dragon,
Or a Dragon who is mean.
Make believe you are in a Storybook,
And write a story with me.
Track Name: Bored Pirates
Yo Ho Ho , I'm a pirate on the sea.
Raise your hand if you want to join me.
There's a parrot on your shoulder,
Now shake it free.
Say. Yo Ho Ho. if you're a pirate like me!

Yo ho ho!
Arrgh Matey!
Shiver me timbers!
I'm a pirate on the sea!
Track Name: Happenin' Space
Welcome, welcome to our Happenin' Space.
Welcome to a real creative place.
Open your mind.
See what you find.
When you step into your own imagination!